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How can you save money when renovating your home

Plan your renovation

Good planning and working out your renovation cost are essential. The key to avoiding budget blowout is to be smart, have a plan and always be on the lookout for ways to save at every stage of your project.

Start out by defining what you want to achieve with your renovation. Try get a sense of what materials/appliances/fittings/finishes you want. You can then start to work out what work needs to be carried out, by who, and with timelines, materials and costs.

Estimate the size of the renovation and then do a walkthrough of each space. As you walk, write down everything that needs to be done in each room from demolishing a wall or putting up new wall, repairs and painting to updating electrical wiring,  fixtures, and lighting. We suggest to create a budget spreadsheet which will enable you track down all the expenses.

Hiring the right renovator

Hiring the right renovator or contractor for your renovation is another factor which could make or break your budget. The key is to hire based on reputation and not to be solely focused on price. There is a wide variance in what businesses charge, and rates do not necessarily match workmanship.

Be transparent with your renovator ! Sit down and explain your vision and budget concerns.  You can also ask your contractor to make suggestions on how to lower cost to meet your Budget.

If you have a good fit, then you’ll be able to work together on a project.  

- article published on the 21st of April 2020 / Nash

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