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How much does it cost to Remodel a bathroom ? : Breaking it down and tips to get it right.

We often get inquiries on how much does it cost to design and renovate a bathroom. Having remodelled more than 300 bathrooms to date, we can safely say that not every bathroom costs the same however we would like to share indicative costing that will help you budget better for your future renovations.

So here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your bathroom renovations.

  1. How much does a bathroom remodelling cost : More than you think! Decide on how much money (budget) you are comfortable spending on your remodelling project. The indicative costing we have provided can be helpful in determining your budget. The options we have provided for the sanitary ware and accessories are premium and better in quality however you can discuss alternative options with your contractor to lower your overall cost. The company you hire for your remodelling project must also be able to cater to the design and remodelling project to suit your budget.

  2. List down the specifics you want in the bathroom remodelling project. For eg. do you prefer an instant water heater (wall unit) or storage water heater. Another eg. do you prefer rain shower or wall shower or both. As for the shower screen, there are also options: Frameless (glass option) or fully framed (acrylic option). The fully framed (acrylic option) is lower in cost however for some, it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. The bathroom countertop has to be considered as well. There are many options to chose from including quartz, marble or granite that are durable however you might have to splurge a little on these materials.

  3. When it comes to tiles, you will need to consider tiles that are particularly hardy and timeless in the bath. There are local manufactured tiles or imported China tiles that are significantly lower in cost and then there are premium quality imported tiles from China and Spain that has better tone and variation in design. We have always preferred larger size wall tiles with more realistic appearances and textures. The bathroom is a wet room so when picking floor tiles chose a slip resistant tile to avoid falling when getting out of the shower.

  4. Space Planning - You have to make the most out of your smaller bathroom spaces or even face some difficulty in planning odd shaped bathrooms. To overcome this, a little smart thinking is required or you can seek expert advise on planning the space available.

  5. Plumbing is essential to any bathroom remodelling project especially when you are hacking old tiles to lay new tiles. With our vast experience, we have found that while hacking the existing tiles, there is a potentially high risk of puncturing the pipes when the drill hits a water pipe. We highly recommend to replace the plumbing and here are another 2 reasons that may or may not be applicable to you : firstly, the existing piping may be corroding and secondly, if you are planning to use a water pump to improve the water flow, the existing PVC pipes may not be suitable for high pressure usage.

We hope this information have proved helpful! Good luck on your renovations. For more info visit us at

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