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The bedroom, in particular, is a place believed to have an effect on your health, happiness and even the ability to save money.

Tip 1

You don’t want any doors to open up directly in line with the bed. Place your bed in a feng shui commanding position which is to have a solid wall behind it and space on both sides of the bed.

Tip 2

Never sleep with your head or legs facing directly towards the window.

Tip 3

If your toilet door is directly facing your bed, it will have negative impact to your health.

Tip 4

Many Feng Shui experts agree that a person should not sit or sleep under the beam.

Tip 5

Though you can use mirrors to improve the feng shui in your home, the bedroom is a different story. A mirror or even a tv facing the bed means that it reflects your body while you are in bed.

Correct feng shui bed placement is most important in feng shui. As you can see, there are countless variations, conflicts, and cures for proper Feng Shui bed placement. We suggest that you conduct further research online or consult a Feng Shut expert to be sure.

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