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3 simple steps to hiring a contractor in Malaysia

  1. Find a reputable contractor - You want to hire someone reputable that has been in business for sometime. Do a background check and ask for referrals so you will be able to determine the stability of the company, their capacity and capability to deliver a quality job & also the assurance on after sales reliability.

  2. Get up to 3 quotes - When comparing quotes, don’t just decide based on lowest quote received.  Compare the price, details of work to be done, time of completion, whether or not you require a licensed  renovators (CIDB) & be clear on the terms and conditions before deliberating on which contractor to go with. We would recommend on having an apple to apple comparison. Once the 1st quote is received you can set up a spreadsheet (Excel) and prepare a bill of quantities (BQ). What this means is to extract all the details from the 1st quote and put in on a spreadsheet (Excel) but don’t forget to remove the pricing or you can create your own BQ. The next contractor will then be able to fill in the cost based on the details / scope of work required. This will allow you to make the  necessary comparisons more accurately.

  3. The Final step - Go with your Gut. If you don’t like a contractor for any reason, don’t hire them. If you are not a good judge of character then point 1 & 2  will be useful to determine which contractor is more suited for you job.   

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